need opinions on drain slope

Plumbing drain…
Is this short section with excess drop a real concern?


I would say no.

I’d concur with Jeff (no surprise there!)

Yet I’d still wonder why not a straight shot?
Would there have been too much drop?
Looks to be well finished as it hangs…and seems to be a good transition to a slightly larger diameter PVC.

Solids will get washed right on by that drop would be my thought.

We are looking at 5 feet of pipe so to say proper slope would be wrong with out further info that could be mid point of a 100 ft run and the added bend be used to give added push . If looking at the pipe on either side if the cinder block pillar it shows that part of the run at a good slope.

1/4" per foot I believe is the preferred slope. Does this drain work as installed, most likely, is it a deal breaker, likely not. Will the purchaser fix upon pocession? Likely not.