How many things are wrong here...

IMG_0211.JPG IMG_0210.JPG IMG_0209.JPG IMG_0212.JPG


Just one really - the entire drain line installation.

And I am assumming that does not count the electrical Ben. ha. ha.

Marcel :):smiley:

Are the water stains on the joist still damp?

I count several. First, Grey Pipe being used for a drain, this is electrical conduit. Second, there is a built in “trap” below the floor. Next the glue/ primer is definably the wrong stuff. At least this isn’t pressure. There may not be a trap above the floor, and they counted on this one. Im guessing this is a tub drain. The 2" PVC (im guessng here) is narrowed to an 1 1/4" copper drain. Serious flow problems. The strapping is off of the pipe, and there is a Serious electrical feed directly underneath a potential leak.
Nothing that cant be fixed by a good plumber and about 30 minutes of glue sniffing in a basement. Id throw a clean out in there for good measure.

you guys are excellent.

What about the 45 degree sloped pipe? That’s not good. Correct?

I figured that the UPHILL slope made up for that :slight_smile:

Keeping in mind that what you’ve pictured is FUBAR, and inconsistent with any normal building standards, a 45 degree slope is not necessarily a problem - nor is it prohibited - for short runs. Anything greater than 45 degrees, however, is considered “vertical” with regard to DWV systems.

They forgot to hack a big chunk out of a joist somewhere, definitely amateur.:stuck_out_tongue:
I like the way they used the water line to support the first elbow. :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, that grey down tube from the tub is probably a hardware store item, designed for an ABS compression fitting. If the white stuff is 1 1/2, that copper drain is only about 1". :mad:

Actually, who cares about the 45, they are going to have to remove the whole thing anyway.