Plumbing drain lines should run downhill at a slope of

Which is it? A. 6-12 pitch B. vertical C. 1/4" per foot D. 3" per foot
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That looks like one of the questions on our entrance exam.:mrgreen:

You would not be taking a test, now, would you.:wink:

it’s D :p:p:p

Let see Waste line, drain line for a Slab, Basement Floor, First floor or second floor or are we talking “what is the minimum slope for a Waste/ Drain line”. I would check C for minimum slope.

Both B and C are correct but if your taking some sort of test they are probably looking for C.

IRC 2003

**P3005.3 Horizontal Drainage piping slope. **Horizontal drainage piping shall be installed in uniform alignment at uniform slopes not less than one-fourth unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (2 percent slope) for 2 1/2-inch (64 mm) diameter and less, and not less than one-eighth unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (1-percent slope) for diameters of 3 inches (76 mm) or more.

It’s “**D” **I tell ya. Don’t go listnin’ to all these folks with them thar fancy CODES. :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

1/4 per foot. Anything less and anything more - flush twice.

1/4 per foot min, and 3’’ per foot max, unless vertical. anything below 1/4 per foot won’t drain right, more than 3’’ per foot and less than vertical, and all the water will drain, but not the solids. then they dry, clog, mess, chemical suit and resperator, clean up crew, plumber then staying at the Y, second mortgage, devorce, allamony, child support, wellfare, drinking problem, sleep in box behing bar, well you get the idea.