Need opinions on TESTO 875-2

I just finished Level 1 thermography and looking to purchase thermal imager. I decided to stick with a decent camera but since technology changes rapidly and since I’m just entering this field I don’t want to spend too much. So I compared FLIR E40, FLUKE Ti110 and TESTO 875-2. It seems like TESTO has an excellent characteristics and the most attractive price among these three. I would like to get opinions of Level 1 thermographers who have an experience in using this camera.

I agree. TESTO has a great camera series. I just upgraded to the SuperResolution which I think are now standard on the newest cameras.
Whoa~! That puppy works as advertised.

I initially had trouble getting SuperResolution to work but TESTO came though like a champ. My problem was they didn’t have the newest software firmware and report version I needed on the download site when I upgraded. That’s all updated now.

SuperResolution is already in the cameras. The upgrade was a code (and $$$) to unlock the ability to use it. Plus, new (free) upgraded report software and firmware.

Typically I use the report software to download images from the camera, convert them to JPEG and then import those into (our state required form for home inspections) at my discretion.

I have never run out of battery. I just charge once or twice a week. I do want to get a Pelican case for the camera. The TESTO case is ok but of a molded hard foam; not padded which I prefer. I just like the greater security of a Pelican case.

Newbie Tip: When you charge any camera keep the charge cord out of the way of kids and pets. The money in IR cameras is in the lens. Don’t drop or snag it.

Thank you, Jim. I heard that TESTO is great in service and replies to their customers. That is another reason I’m leaning towards their camera. And thanks for the newbie tips. I will need them for sure.:smiley: