Testo 880 infrared camera

Doe anyone have any experience with the Testo 880, how does it compare to the Flir. We’re trying to decide on one or the other. Would like to hear any pros or cons for comparison. Thanks

Mike FIY. If Buy a new Camera before the end of this year you can get a 100% Tax break.:mrgreen: check with your CPA. Look at your TAX needs and buy what you need. I got a new FLIR BX320 $ 10K




I love the 880’s case, I hate how they did the picture in picture. The 880 is Testo’s first attempt at an IR camera. They did a good job, it just has some screwy things about it, that for now, I would stick with the other brands. We sell a lot of Testo equipment, and customers have nothing but rave reviews on it. Their combustion anaylyzers, anemometers, digital manifolds, moisture meters and many others are just as good, and often better, than anything else out there. Most of their line is German made. Everything that we carry that is German made is about as good as it gets.

You really should wait until after the 1st of September to purchase a camera. I will be able to release the information of the new one that is coming out. It destroys anything out there and is sub 9k in price.

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