Testo 875-i1

Hey everyone. I would please like your feed back on the Testo 875-i1 Infrared Camera

I like it. Great camera with super resolution and nice features for a very competitive price. Talk to Jason Kaylor about it.

hehe that is funny. I actually told him to ask you about it already, Yuri.

Ha small world, Thanks Yuri and Jason :slight_smile:

LOL. I obviously can tell him about my experience but you are THE man to talk to.:smiley:

Hi, this is my first post.
Could anyone with either a Testo 875 or Testo 875i help me check whether during startup, does the screen show the firmware version and the frame refresh rate (9Hz or 30Hz)? If so, do you mind to share what is the firmware version and the refresh rate.
Thanks a lot.

Mine says 9 mhz version 1.42

Thanks Erik.
Is yours a Testo 875 or 875i?

875-1 (not i)

Thank you Erik.

Yeah, the non “i” 875-1 doesn’t have video out, so 9hz isn’t a huge deal. Just sucks if you are panning fast and don’t expect to take images of homes that are moving around. :slight_smile:

I have seen the camera that Testo is releasing October 1st that is in the same exact price point. It isn’t as good as the 875i-1 IMO. Not sure what they were thinking there, but it also shows how good the i version is. 50mk for less than $3k is amazing. 320x240 output images for less than $3k makes it even better.

I think the 875i-1 is the best bang for the buck entry level camera on the market right now. Just my 2 cents.

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