Thoughts on This One

I saw this yesterday onsite.

Just curious on some feedback on the set up of this breaker. It seemed a little unusual to me so I am looking for some feedback.

I appreciate all the insights.



Just wrong is all i can say

Factory installed jumper to a split bus panel. Rather obsolete but that’s how they were manufactured, the load side of the CB feeding the lower section of bus.

search ***split bus FPE ***
fairly common down here…

Yep. Nothing to report with regard to the set up, however, it is a Federal Pacific Electric, Stablok load-center.

How are those wires affixed to the lower breaker holders…solder that can’t be seen or some sort of mechanical fastening system that can’t be seen?

It’s magic…

…or mastic. I can’t remember which.

In the past I’d see a “split-buss” on about 35-40% of any panel I opened.

Very common around here.

It’s a soldered connection…

I appreciate the feedback. It is indeed a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok, which I talked to the client about.

Once again, thanks all