Panel amps

I did an inspection yesterday and have not run accrossed this set up in an electric panel. Two double breakers located half way down on the left bus bar. One double breaker labeled 1 of 2 at 70 amps. Second double breaker below labeled 2 of 2 at 60 amps. Is this a split bus. What would the panel amps be? 2/0 aluminum service cable. 100 amp meter at the pole. 200 amp rated panel enclosure. Thanks for your help. Home of the Paul McCartney spotting this past weekend. No picture sorry. Stan

Do you have any pictures.

First - how do you know the meter is rated at 100 amp.

Second - sounds like a split bus.

Third - 2/0 aluminum is rated at 150 amps

I’m going by the standard signs. The meter box is a small square box. Most likely 100 amps. The service entrance cable is 2/0 aluminum. I know it is rated for 150 amps. I’m just not sure what to put in the report as far as amps. There is a 70 amp breaker on top of a 60 amp breaker. They say 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 respectively. if it is a split buss is the top 70 amp and the bottom 60 amp? I’m not sure and would appriciate any help. Thanks, Stan

Pictures may help but it is okay to say *unknown *if need be.