Need some guidance

My name is Mike Burns, I have just received my certification, and feel the need to assist in some inspections before starting on my own, if there is anyone willing to assist me in this matter, I would greatly appreciate it. I currently live in Sharpsville, Pa. which is just over the Pa/Ohio line, and I am willing to travel to get started in this field. Thanks.

Ask member Kevin Leonard. He’s a pretty sharp inspector.

Thanks, I will do that .

Sorry seeing this so late.

I sent you a PM Micheal with my direct number. If I don’t answer leave a VM and I’ll get back to you.

But he is a Democrat:p

Congratulations! There is nothing that will make you competent faster than working with an experienced inspector in the field. More than one if you get the opportunity.

Just don’t listen to Kevin’s politics, cause he’s a bit “off”.

SOB they follow me everywhere.


Buddy we are just trying to help you get your head screwed on straight;-)