HI guys
What do you guys think of this porch

I think I’d stay inside and enjoy the view from the window:mrgreen:

Should be bolted or lag screwed to the structure. 1/2 inch bolts or screws minimum. Bolts or screws should go completely through the house/apartment/or whatever it is band. Recommend a complete review by a licensed contractor is what I’d do.

Because of its height and design a structural engineer would be warranted, GC’s can not vouch for its design.

I would like to see the view from the deck…nice.


Is the deck cantilevered in any way?


What type of property…Res., Multi-Family, etc. ?? Age of Structure ??
Are you showing those blue screws to indicate that those are the only thing holding the stacked decking to the structure ??
Looks like they installed a lot of Sight Lighting…all exterior rated wiring, boxes, etc. ??
A lot of span on those stairs with no apparent stabilizing support…but at least they built in a landing at each level. I’d be nervous climbing those stairs, probably feels like a trampoline.

It actually feels real solid it is not cantilevered joists run parallel to the structure. the stringers on the stairs are doubled. It is like it’s a stand alone porch.,but with that height iam worried where it is getting it’s lateral support. It does have a nice view on golf course, inground pool built in 1977, When I looked inside I though Austin Powers lived there LOL. I am going to refer it also I will tell my clients to get the permit searched at the city hall.


If those decks aren’t cantilevered, you’ve got some major issues. I’d hate to see several people out there partying and dancing around.