Need suggestions for wedding anniversary

OK why not,

I need some ideas guys/gals on what to do. We would leave Sat. morning. I know this is poor planning but hey we’ve been busy, plus my mom volunteered to watch the kids for 3 days :shock:

We would like to keep it semi-local, meaning we’re not flying or wanting to drive to Mexico, west cost, north east coast, Canada and so on. I would like to keep it around 4-5 hours max from Atlanta.

The more suggestions the better…


Destin / Panama City, FL (beach bummin’)
Nashville (B&B in the mountains, perhaps)
Myrtle beach (Golf!)

How old are the both of you, how long have you been married, what is your budget, what are your interests…give us some more information. I have been a lot of places on the east coast, but I would need more information to refer you to someplace that would suit you and the Mrs.

A nice bed & breakfast in the Smokie Mountians?

Its a far drive, but maybe Hilton Head?

A boutique hotel in the French Quarter in New Orleans?

Another long drive, but a great get-away is Key West.

I experienced a problem in New Orleans…went for a weeks vaction and came back 3 months later. Stay away…the food and night life is addictive!!!

If you’ve been married for a while now…maybe seperate vacations. LOL.

Sorry Scott -

29/32 (me) - 8 years - No real budget - Anything fun and exciting, we like to do it all.

We thought about New Orleans, but I heard that a lot of construction is still going on?

Mrytle Beach will be later this month with the kids…

Hilton Head sounds nice, have you been there Cheryl?

We had an amazing time last year in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. There was enough stuff close by that it was diverse enough to keep our attention and we did not have to go very far for anything. Plenty of nice hotels in the area. I recommend hitting Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Bush Gardens. I am 36 and my girlfriend is 26 and we had a blast there. Also…if you go…definately hit Williamsburg Winery and take the tour. We stayed at the Historic Williamsburg Visitors Center ( I think that was what it was called) and it was the best price in the area and central to everything.

Stay away from New Orleans…trust me!!!

I agree with Cheryl about a bed and breakfast!

Asheville, NC - at the Grove Park Inn.

I’ve been several times when I lived in TN, awesome place. Plus you can make your way over to the Biltmore Estate if you haven’t been before.

Thanks for all the great suggestions guys.

I think we may try Asheville or Charleston NC…

Thanks again!


Not implying things are bad at home but you may want to get a copy of this to the bride before the “honeymoon” :twisted:…-day-year.html

Both of you have a GREAT time wherever you go! :wink:

Charleston, SC. Great spot.

My wife loves her gas grill.

Or, how 'bout a nice restaurant…since it’s your anniversary, go ahead and supersize the little woman.

Seaside, FL. 40 miles west of Panama City.


Get to the nearest airport, and buy tickets to the Bahamas — :smiley:

And stay out of trouble plz----:smiley: