Florida Road Trip Question?

Hi folks, I am heading to Disney at the end of the month with the family and are doing the road trip thing. We are going to split the drive into 2 days and I have some estimates on drive times that I would like to run past you guys to see if anyone that has done this route or is familiar with part of the route can confirm or deny my estimates as I have never done this drive before.I am in Canada and I am 45 minutes from the border at Buffalo, we are leaving on a Sunday morning and will be following the I77 down and I anticipate driving a little over halfway on the first day. I believe I should be able to get to Charlotte, N.C. in about 12-13 hours depending on stops and overnight there. 2nd leg being Charlotte N.C. to Orlando, FL , I believe taking around 9-10 hours by following the I26 and I95. If anyone is familiar with any of this , any feedback would be greatly appreciated about whether this sounds right or if it seems a little off base. Thanks in advance.

Hi Jerry,

I know Claude Lawrenson has done the trip several times, as we chatted about it at one of the NACHI conferences, if he doesn’t pick up on this thread I’d email him for advice.

BTW, I’m sure he told me he drove straight through in less than 24 hours (mind you there was an Ontario registered minivan in the parking lot with a JATO bottle strapped to the roof!!)



I think you are being too optimistic regarding the first leg of your trip, the key of course is getting south of DC. BTW good luck.

Bring your sunscreen and rain gear, it’s hot and it’s summer which means I can set my watch by when it rains. I have season passes and won’t go back until at least September.

Jerry i live on the north coast of ohio one hour west of 77…Charlotte is an easy 10 hour trip for me with stops and two meals…although my son that lives there can get here in 8 hours…enjoy your trip…jim

Thanks for the tips guys, I actually made an error. I am heading down I79 until it intersects the I77 in Charleston, I am told that this saves about an hour of driving. We were told that getting through D.C. is crazy so that is why we chose to avoid the I95 route and take the central route through Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Thanks for the drive times Jim, either way I just plan on a nice 2 weeks with the family.

My Uncle is actually moving from Rochester, NY (90 miles east of Buffalo) to Vero Beach, FL this weekend. He is leaving Friday morning @ 7am from Rochester and their halfway stop will be in Statesboro, GA just around Savanah, then on down to Vero Beach on Saturday.

I’d stay away from DC. If your coming from Buffalo I’d take I-90 to PA then down through western PA, West Virginia, Virginia and you can figure the rest. Don’t take anything on the coast till you hit north of Savanah, GA

Thanks Brian I am actually taking the PA , WV route. Then through the Carolina’s and Georgia into Florida. I have been told that this is the faster of the routes and that the mountains in PA and WV are beautiful. Just hoping for a good holiday anyway.

I happen to know a guy who always knows the best route when vacationing, for any destination. Here is his contact info:

           Clark W. Griswald
           Chicago, IL

*If you can’t reach him @ the above #, try Aunt Edna’s house @ 555-… oh wait, nevermind… try cousin Eddies @ 555-5473.


Its been a few years but my wife and I drove from Niagra falls to Daytona Beach and I think it took about 26 hrs. Orlando would be another hour from there. I’m not positive on the time, but we took the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virgina. A little time on mapquest should give you a good estimate.
Have Fun

Not like Google is the official know it all, but it estimates 19 hours. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Stoney+Creek,+ON+to+orlando,+fl&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.589577,91.054688&ie=UTF8&z=5

I already spent CHRISTMAS with them, poor Aunt Edna (God rest her soul). I REALLY hope my trip to WALLY WORLD… I mean DISNEY WORLD turns out a little better.:mrgreen: