Need to pick yer brains a tad, can ya offer any insight

Bubba looking fer a lil help if anyone can…here’s our problem

Older mobile home, its pretty difficult to find a dang experienced and honest friggin plumber in duh country eh…I have NO experience wifffff wells and little on septic syt.

We get very little water out of duh KITCHEN faucet, I mean the sob just DRIPS out. It is a NEW faucet and sink, just installed. The old sob was fine, water/pressure was pretty good.nothing like what we have now, wife just wanted something diff eh…sheesh.

Ok so water drips out of kitchen faucet BUTTTT the sprayer works fine!@!@!!

Duh laundry room/washer is about 12’ away and water pressure is fine wiff that.

Ok, then we have duh BATHROOM just on the other side of duh laundry room, the SHOWER water pressure is fine. The bathroom sink, water comes out like a mfr. BUTTTT, the g dammmm TOIDY TANK does not fill or fills very slowly err ummm, when it friggin wants to (lil biatch! lol)

It’s a NEW toilet, just had put in wiff kitchen sink and faucet.
Duh OLD ****ttter, same thing happened.

The friggin ONE plumber I finally got/found who would come out to duh county said/thinks we need—the PROBLEM is, a water softener or a water filter (he didn’t mention well-filter).

I’m no dang plumber but, how is it possible to get good water pressure in shower and bathroom faucet (old faucet) and laundry/washer and the kitchen SPRAYER yet very little water/pressure out of the stooooopid az kitchen faucet,cold-hot water?!@#@! lol

I’ve tried calling numerous other plumbers and have yet to get ONE call back from them, un----fcg—believable…eh, you plumbers are pizzing e off, if you ever need/call me for leaky basement I won’t call yer dumb az back, call the inside system terds!

Geeez, I just wanted to ask them, pick their brains or have them come out and look, would pay the sobs butttt nooooo! lol

I guess since the place is old it may indeed need a new well-filter.
BUTT, is it possible that 1 or 2 HOSES under sink etc just have some sort of blockage/sediment in the sobs??? And if that is possible, why the fk didn’t this plumber bother to bring up that possibility? He’s an older mfr, apparently licensed and experienced.

And some of you plumbers, like this guy, listen man…BRING your own bags etc to put your shtty rags and other crap in and then take it with you!@@!@!!! G dang guy and his helper put all the shtt/rags,grease etc in our shtt or left them right on the kitchen/bathroom countertops etc!@!!! Eh, I/we have 2–5--10 yards of soil and crap to clean up and do a hllll of a better job than this sob, UN—fcg-believable!

All we would like is, to be able to take (or leave huh lol) a dang shttt and have toilet tank fill on its own and be able to wash dishes n shtt without it taking a friggin hour!@!!

slow fixtures & anything plmg = mucho PIA!!! worse when ya have to diy, such is the life of a tunnel rat aka fnd wp/repair guy ;~))

faucet(s) try removing the aerator if that doesn’t geterdun clog may be at the cartridge/ball assembly or even supply tubes

toilet(s) blockage is usually at supply valve assembly or you’ll get elbow deep w/fill tube/ballcock assembly

yes, replace any inline filters

if there is any galvanized pipe in the h2o supply…that’s a prob](

all the best to you Bro’ Mark…you CAN beat this beast!

LOlOlLlllllllllllllllll, thanks Mr Barry! :mrgreen:

Jesus, shouldn’t a SUPPOSED experienced,lic plumber ‘first identify the problem(s)’…!!! I mean come friggin on.

This is in part what I mean, what I looking-hoping for…
if ya scroll down to number’s 7,8,9,10,11 <<----------

the possibility of…clogs in individual piping/lines/elbows n shtt…
says, “You may need a plumber to DIAGNOSE the problem”

RIGHT!!! g dammmmmmmmmittttttttttttttt lolol

isolated pressure issues are often caused by sediment in the line…since both fixtures in question were recently worked on it would be even more likely…like Barry Said try running the kitchen faucet with the aerator removed to flush it out…If You have a shut off at the toilet…try turning it off , disconnect the supply line at the bottom of the fill valve…if it is a flex line You can direct it to a small bucket or pan open the supply valve a bit and see if You have decent pressure. If You do the easiest thing to do is replace the fill valve…give me a call if You want Mark…good luck

Eh Mr McKee…thank you sir.

I did try that…nuttin, didn’t help.

Plumber was here, explained in full what prior problems were(not that he listened much) and wifey wanted new kitchen sink and faucet and toilet anyways…but sheesh, if prior problems were explained to plumb–head, why not take the time, make the time while yer here and FIND/diagnose our stooopid friggin problems. Yeah, maybe he just wants more work,trips to duh house and then again, maybe he aint dat good to begin wiff.

Check da valves Bro !
They could be plug wit a bunch of crap .
Shut off da water and look inside da ones wit da problem. - aww yea foo.

LOLolll, thanks Mr Roy.

Eh, I just shut off duh water, turned the cold water valve off, then back on and ran water for a minute or so and the little biacth has a slow drip…the valve drips, and found a small puddle under sink/valve so is that a LONE problem or does it maybe have something ta do wiff the pressure/flow…ty sir.:wink: (been trying not to use the friggin thing so didn’t see water there before)

If the sprayer works on the new faucet there is something wrong with the diverter valve.

Fond an exploded view for your faucet to see where it is located.

Post the model here and I will help you find it.

Thanks Mr. Larson :wink:
Yes, sprayer works fine. Did find during the day today that BOTH valves leak,not much but get a drop or 2 of water dripping from both it seems about every minute but didn’t feel like staring at it for more than 3 minures or so,eh. :mrgreen:
It’s rather boring, especially with no beer.

The diverter valve must be stuck or in backwards.