Can you find the problems?

You had to be there.

There had to be at least 10 problems at the sump & laundry. I love bank owned properties. 730 AMto 130PM for 1 house. Including drive time & report.

I couldnt find where the pump discharged. I needed jungle larry to cut back the vegetation. This is the time of year I usually get poisionm oak/ivy. You would think I would be immune to the stuff by now.

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Dave, What a mess. Is that anti frezze or algee in the sump? Is the sump discharge just teeed into the washer pipe? No check valve I guess? Gate valve on gas? I don’t think they have the outlet strip wrapped tight enough around the faucet.:smiley: :smiley:


I must have noted at least a dozen repairs& safety concerns at the laundry & sump.

The sump wasnt supported. No check valve, I dont no where it was discharging.

The client was a nice young man. I think his is in over his head.
I wouldnt say that to him. I just say: You need to take what you are paying the amountfor repairs & what the market value. He may of gotten the house at a low price.

I noted: Have a plumber evaluate and kinda left it at that.
I did obsereve:
Gas pipes that are not capped. Glad the gas was off.
Improper copper used to supply gas to the dryer. Now I know why the gas was off. The 46 yera old GE furnace with the birds living in it was a sight.
Improperly supported pump.
Improper lid
No check valve.
Crock was full of stagnent water.
Improper supported water lines. (Shoe string)
Improperly sloped drain line from sink upstairs. (Un handyman strikes again)
Improper vent & support under the laundry sink.
Improper electrical with the extension outlet.
Imroper piping used at the sump.


Dave, you need to get a few canisters of Agent Orange if you’re going to keep inspecting foreclosured properties.