Need to pick your brains...

Alright, have your fun but don’t hijack my post in the continuing war. :wink:

There are exceptions. :wink:

Do you guys even have a divider? LOL

Please share.

KEVIN, do you have software to draw circles and arrows on pics?

Ok…back to trusses…here are some of the most common problems you find.

  1. Improper bracing or lack thereof
  2. No hurricane ties
  3. No interior slotted truss clips
  4. Trusses nailed to interior partitions (see number 3)
  5. Cut or damaged trusses
  6. Bottom chords split from nailing…typically yellow pine.
  7. Offset trusses causing dips and bow in roof line…typically aesthetic.
  8. Improper loads placed on bottom chords and/or improper use for storage.
  9. Improper hangers or lack thereof.

There are others, but here is what I typically find.



I have a “divider” and I checked. It’s a 2X4. Not believing my own eyes, I flew out to IL and measured the truss with my tape measure. Yep, 2X4. :roll:

That’s like road runner fast. :wink:

Oh and yes it’s a 2x4.

The photo is taken from the ground so the bottom chord is foreshortened.

I don’t have time to argue with guys that don’t even know how to measure with a divider.
Get Marcel to copy and paste the edit of the Vertical it is clearly a 2x6 no question about it.

If you can’t make your own believable case why do you think Marcel will?

Why do you keep dragging Marcel in to do your dirty work? Is he your new biotch??? He won’t be happy to hear that!!!

Uh… Hello? Can I have your attention please? Yeah? Thanks.

I was there, six feet from it, it’s a 2x4. The angle of the photo is foreshortening the bottom 2x4. That’s why they aren’t the same width in 2D.

Kevvy will be right back. He’s checking to see what his report software has to say about it! :shock:

The teeth of gusset plate are approximately 1" apart…that makes the bottom chord, vertical member and interior webbing all 2x4’s as is the nailing ledger…Kevin, just admit your miscalculated and move on.

But his divider said so. :shock:

Straight into the breach…

Have you seen my divider? I have a 6" hole to dig… :roll:

Are you guys measure the depth and width together?

Post a pic with your measurements.

You know how right?

Maybe we are all blind. It’s possible. :wink: