Wind mit scenario #21

What is wrong with this picture? I was checking behind another inspector today at the request of the Agent and Homeowner and this is what I saw.

Missing numbers, missing tape measure/ruler, need at least 3 ft. of measurements in picture, no markings on other trusses, marking over metal gusset plates causing bad nail read pattern (unless that’s a shiner right above gusset, can’t quite tell), 2x trusses probably causing bad reading for nail pattern because the nails in the other truss are so close & a bad angle in my opinion.

Other than what Kevin said, that 2-ply truss should be nailed together with 16d nails at least every 12" which will throw the scan off. Not a good choice for scanning.

Uh, where do I get a Zircon that can differentiate the nail from the truss connector plate?

And all of a sudden you are a structural engineer and can calculate the forces applied to a truss. If the construction documents are not available I personally would refrain from comment

Everyone seem to get my points. How do you get nail spacing when there is a gusset plate and nails through the two trusses? I sure hope he looked elsewhere also.

Magic, some guys just have it.

While I have been trying too decide if a thermal camera is worth the investment apparently there is new X-ray vision technology that allows you too see nail spacing inside of a roof truss. Maybe I’ll wait for the next generation technology.:wink:

Not to argue but the lack of a measuring device to determine the spacing kinda kicks this out for me, but this isn’t his photo is it? I would never use a doubled up truss for this either, and I can’t tell how long the photo is on the truss. What are we actually to learn from this? The scenario is do a good job. Part of the nail looks like it may be exposed over the gusset plate. Too easy to second guess anothers actions why in the world did the homeowner complain? Did you find the report the other inspector issued to be in error…inquiring minds want to know.

It is not his photo. It would have been best had he used a clear spot, no gusset and non-double truss. It might have been wise to check more than one truss also. The point was this was not the best practices. This was either a MSFH or an re-inspection. I came in afterwards to refute the non-hip.

Non hip? Well I guess they did have something to complain about! But then again if this was an old inspection on the two page form that extension with the 12’ gable would have classified the roof as non hip by older standards. If anyone has that two page form to show me when I do an inspection I tell them it is useless at this point and please don’t try to compare it to the new one.

The system is flawed, the Zircon will detect any metal, giving false readings, ie stapels, 6d, 8d, 10d, your camera, so why are not using the building code which it was approved by the AHJ ???

How do you photo that. The form asks for verification.

People do not always follow the code, if they did we would not need most inspections.

Take a pic of the approved permit or provide a letter with the permit number and the final inspection date. The metal detector will also detect the roof tin tabs, all metals.

The majority of bldg inspectors do their jobs with pride and integrity. All professions have a few bad apples. As I have said, the space shuttle blew up, but not all engineers are bad.

To formally comply with the 1802, you would need x-ray technology, break the soffit and inspect every single trust. The AHJ would/could be a release of liability since they are under FS468 and their approval is verification of the bldg code by law.

The form asks for VISIBLE or accessible. Therefore if they are not then it is NOT required.

More people should DEMAND that the insurance companies follow the form properly.

A nailing pattern is not either and to photograph marks on trusses is a joke. Much like photographing a zircron on a wall.

We all must do this because many morons have started jumping thru whatever hoops the underwriters put in front of them.

We should only provide what is asked for on the form.