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Hello everyone I am needing some guidance in regards to a negative review my company received from a realtor. I looked through all of my records and could not locate the realtor as part of any inspection we have performed. So I’m not too positive how to proceed.

Here is the review "Inspector comments on things outside of their scope of expertise rather than recommending a licensed professional checkout something that isn’t operating correctly at the time of inspection.

Recommending replacement, installation, or repair etc. should not be commented on by the inspector, only that whatever is of concern is not operating or functioning correctly at the time of the inspection and that a licensed professional within a specific profession should look at it (electrician, roofing company, plumber, HVAC specialist, etc).

Please do better and stay within the parameters of what an inspection should entail and don’t over comment on things you’re NOT supposed to. Creates unnecessary stress for both buyers and sellers."

Any guidance is greatly appreciated as I’m at a loss.

Review any licensing laws/rules you have to determine if you overstepped your bounds. I doubt that you did as I am not aware of any State that prevents you from going beyond your SOP. Also review the Real Estate Salesperson/Brokers laws/rules to see if they potentially violated them. I would suspect that there is a good possibility they did.

Then send a nice traceable communication to the Real Estate Salesperson and their Broker requesting they remove the derogatory review. Let them know you prefer to work with them but will be filing a complaint against them with the licensing board if you can not receive their cooperation.

Been down a similar road and this approach generally works well. Here in Texas Real Estate Salespersons are not only under the control of their Broker but their Broker also takes the heat when the Salesperson steps out of bounds. Brokers do not want to do that and will typically handle the problem.


The agent is absolutely wrong.

New Mexico SOP states: “Inspection reports must state, at a minimum, the following:(1)The systems and components of the home that, as determined by the licensee, are not performing their normally intended function or operation or are not consistent with generally established practices regarding the historically or conventionally applied and acknowledged methods of installation, assembly, operation or use;(2)recommendations as to the need to correct, observe, or check for further correction the adverse conditions reported pursuant to Subsection A of this rule or any other items requiring further evaluation;(3)such reasoning and explanation as necessary to identify and clarify the nature of the adverse conditions reported pursuant to Subsection A of this rule”

The only thing that NM SOP explicitly says that you cannot report on are code violations.

Start by explaining that state SOP allows you, based on your background, experience and education, to make recommendations and kindly ask the agent to remove the derogatory review.

If that doesn’t work, amp it up. Tell the agent that their review is malicious and will cause damage to your business.

If that doesn’t work, threaten them with a libel suit.


By the way, I found your Google business listing and your response to the review. Great response, but I would focus on more on state SOP and less on Nachi SOP. It’s state law that will CYA. Every time that you modify a review response they’ll get a notification. Maybe they’ll get annoyed with your responses and take down the review.


Leave that Realtor a negative review. Make sure you comment that you never worked with this agent but they had the audacity to tell you how to do your job despite not being a licensed or certified home inspector. THEY stepped way outside of their wheelhouse.!


Likely a sellers agent mad about your report. Or someone totally confused. If you really wanted to you can try to look up their recent closed listings and see if you inspected one.


If they are a sellers agent put that in your negative review for them. Make sure your review explains how little this agent knows about the process. Best defense is a good offense.


I’ve done ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ before and it worked great. :+1:


I always know all parties involved in sale process, if you don’t know who that realtor is and is not the listing agent, if you get a lawyer to go after that realtor get ready for blowback and black balling. It’s a catch 22. In our area Realtors stick w each other, start with polite letters to the Broker, Realtor and state association as suggested in other responses, get ahold of a real estate lawyer not in your town, to keep gossip down ,

do not leave the realtor a bad review, Most likely they are the sellers agent and are upset by your report. I have had upset agents in the past and now they are my best referring agents. Its best to try to setup a meeting with them and bring your states SOP with you. and educate the agent on the Inspection process. They might be new and just out of RE school. They may have been misinformed. Most sellers agents get mad at us good inspectors untill they need an inspection and you know who they are going to call.



I once had a listing agent leave me a bad review.

My state’s Realtor Code of Ethics has a line that a Realtor can not post derogatory statements about another real estate professional.

I emailed the broker a copy of the review and quoted the appropriate section of the code of ethics.

I never got a reply but the review disappeared quickly.


I like @rkenney 's go nuclear method the best. :joy:

But in reality I would probably respond:

“Thank you for your feedback. I have sent a request to you for more information as my records do not indicate that I have performed an inspection or completed a home inspection report for you in the past.”

Then I would report the review as spam or harassment to Google (or wherever the review was posted) and forget about it. Note that Google will likely not take the review down no matter what you say, lol. But, having this review won’t be detrimental to your business in my opinion. Having one bad review pertaining to something most clients won’t even understand is not something to worry much about.


Check this webinar. Good advice on how to handle a bad review.


Ignore it… you draw more attention to yourself wrestling in the mud with pigs.

If you don’t already have one, get a system of gathering good reviews so the occasional bad one doesn’t matter.


I remember an anonymous bad review. It was so bogus.
I think I figured out who it was, a seller that was crazed 'cause the deal on his disgusting home died.
I responded with a body slam. I felt it necessary to respond.

Horrible Company DO NOT HIRE THEM.
They will break damage and destroy property in the process. All under the guise of “Inspection”
The inspectors ask inappropriate personal questions and bang on appliances and fixtures with force. When done they embellish their findings in order to justify their inflated rates.

Anyone reading your slanderous review will easily realize it was made-up and created for evil, untruthful purposes.

You are a disgruntled seller that could not sell his home because the place was so disgusting.
Inspectors DO NOT damage, bang on fixtures, appliances etc. or ask personal questions to anyone.

I invite you to directly contact me to further discuss your emotional, false, misleading statements.
You are a fraud!

These clients tell the truth:

by Anita F.

Mr. Marc Goldenberg was excellent, honest and very passionate about the safety of his clients. I would refer Marc to anyone

by Judy Swerlick

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Marc is awesome! We moved down to South Florida from Ohio 4-5 years ago and didn’t know much about real estate in the area. If it wasn’t for Marc, we would have ended up buying a property that we definitely shouldn’t have! He has done at least 6 inspections for me on 4 homes, over the past 5 years. And for 2 of those homes, he caught items that were deal breakers! Very thorough and very highly recommended!

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Was the review on Google? You can submit a request for removal to them, and tell them the critic was not your client, and should not be allowed to leave a review.
I once had a bad review on Yelp from a seller, and had it removed since they were not my client.


The SOB posted on Yelp & Google
Both of them refused to remove it


Thank you everyone for you guidance and support. We spoke with the owner of company and the review magically disappeared. We are scheduled next month to do a presentation explaining what a home inspection entails and our limitations as professionals.

It is unfortunate that some people cannot conduct themselves in a professional and productive manner. I love this job and I feel I am pretty darn good at it and these things are very hard to take lightly as we perform inspections to the best of our capability with our clients well being at the forefront. I really really appreciate everyone of you, and hopefully, my next post is something more positive.


If you are really good…take the meeting and kill them with kindness and you may even be able to spin this into a positive with new relationships made…Work it!


That’s great news. I hope your presentation goes smoothly and you gain new business from it.

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