Unethical Business Practices

Many inspectors, and non inspectors ironically love to hyperbolize the existence of unethical inspectors, which is in itself a violation of their ethical commitment.

It is my contention that if you don’t market to realtors you are being unethical. Most, if not all inspectors have on their website that they are the best. Many go further and insist that using a different inspector can cause harm. Yet, they refuse to ensure that all consumers are afforded the benefit of having them as their inspector. Any inspector not ensuring, by marketing to Realtors, the protection of consumers from inferior inspectors, is acting unethically.

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Ouch!..tough statement for some . Almost all of my referrals are from realtors.

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BTW, I think you know there’s a big difference between marketing to realtors and paying to be on a referral list. Paying to be a preferred vendor or actually giving money to REA’s has been the bone of contention not marketing to REA’s.

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What a complete load of crapola. :roll:

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I couldn’t tell you, I have not paid to be on such a list. Yes I market to REA’s, to neglect this stream of business isn’t prudent. They have lists of who to use and not (I don’t mead paid lists). I know that for fact.

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That article is spot on and every Inspector in the business should read it.

These Inspectors who write soft reports, will run into the wrong person one day.

I just received this today.

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Newbies have no choice but to beg realtors for referrals. In due time, they can, and should sever the relationships that they depend on for their food and shelter.
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Couldn’t disagree more. In all areas of life we attract and maintain relationships with like-minded individuals. If you are committed to providing thorough inspections, you will find the agents who desire the best for their clients will still encourage clients to use you regardless of the outcome.

If you compromise your ethics and write soft reports to keep agents and clients calm/happy, you will get business from primarily the kind of agents willing to expect and ask you to compromise your ethics. Birds of a feather…

I respect those agents who choose me in spite of the temptation, which I’m sure is ever-present, to just get the deal to go through. They want a good home for their client and they look good for recommending me when I do my job with integrity. I would never sever my relationships with them, I want them to win in business over all other agents by promoting a higher standard.

Someone is bulls hiting someone in that article. 7k inspections over 15 years is 465+ per year. He says his biz is hurting?

He didn’t say it’s hurting, he said his reputation among agents for being thorough is not helpful to his business in that agents steer people away from him because of it.

I still he is full of s hit and sour grapes! Maybe its time for him to get out!

Why would agents steer people away from him for doing his job?
What is their ulterior motive?


Because they want their deal to go through and a commission to come in. Those type of agents and the inspectors who soften reports to cater to them should all be driven out of business by their competition as soon as possible