NEHA NRPP and AARST approve InterNACHI's free, online radon course for pre and CE.

They accept any course approved by AARST and NRPP. If you know of a site where they list those courses, let me know and I’ll have their webmaster add InterNACHI’s to that page.

What about Indiana, looks like it meets their requirement?

Is this course approved in New Jersey by the NJ-DEP Radon Section?

Hi Nick,

Wow! Literally, I was just about to register for this next Tuesday having done some research over the last 2 weeks. The course and study material was $499.00

This is great news Nick - well done to you and the team.

It just made my day for sure.:smiley:


Gary Rose - CMI (Alberta)

Can it be added to the NRSB Courses?

Great news!

I was just about to buy a course.
Another reason why InterNACHI is Canada’s choice in Home Inspector certifications.:slight_smile:


Since NRPP, NEHA, AARST approve this course, could you add their logos?

Add their logos to what?

Sounds great. I spoke with the Virginia guy a while back and was informed that they do not accept the course. Does the new one change that?

On inspectors web site.

To be more specific. The question is, once the student has successfully passed the approved 28-hour “Radon” course, could the individual add “NEHA or NRPP or AARST” logo on individuals web site?

I think that it is important to note something here, at least in regards to NRPP. If I’m mus-interpreting this please set me straight.

On the NRPP website they make the following statement:

If you choose to complete a distance-based course, you will need to schedule your certification exam through a PSI computer-based testing site. Please call PSI’s central registration at 800-211-2754. The cost is $110 for Measurement (NRP MEA) and $100 for Mitigation (NHH RMI). All major credit cards are accepted.

My interpretation here is that yes the InterNACHI course is approved, but everyone seeking NRPP Certification will need to still take a proctored exam at a PSI Exams location.

My state (Oregon) does not require any specific certifications for Radon activities, but they won’t list you on their website ( without NRPP or NRSB certification; they also made the comment to me that NEHA is; “out of the game”.

I see InterNACHI’s course listed on the NRPP ( approved course list; is approval by the NRSB in the works as well? (

In order to be “certified” the exam has to be taken.


You missed the answer to post #31

No you could not use the logo but the hours towards getting Certified can be. Test is require to use thier logo.

I don’t need their certification, however, since these entities approve the course and the subsequent

exam at the inachi site, one should be able to say that the course is approved by such and such.

Unless, of course, the sole purpose is to attain CE.

I can’t speak for them. Sorry. We have our own in

I don’t think they’d be useful to you anyway as no one knows who/what they are. That’s the thing about InterNACHI’s certification logos: They are designed to be self-evident.

Thanks for the answer.

With all the flourishing fanfare, as evident in the Texas sized logo in post #1, we the

admirers of logos appear to have been invited to the carnival but can’t take the

rides to the fullest.:frowning:

What we need is for the state requirements to allow InterNachi as a certification source.

As it stands now NEHA, NRPP, AARST have approved InterNACHI training that is great. … However.

If you want to be licensed or certified for radon in your state you still need to joing NEHA, NRPP, or AARST

We need each state to accept InterNACHI as they do the others. then an InterNACHI member can take the InterNACHI course and be approved by the state without a secondary membership.