AARST and NRPP Approve InterNACHI's Radon Course for Both Entry Level and CE

InterNACHI’s free online “Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course” is at http://www.nachi.org/radon-measurement-service-provider-online-course.htm

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http://www.nachi.org/images2012/School/NRPP-Approval-InterNACHI-Radon-Course.jpg http://www.nachi.org/images2012/School/AARST-Approval-InterNACHI-Radon-Course.jpg

As of July 7, 2014, this course is approved by NRPP and AARST for both Entry Level (INACH-1) and Continuing Education (INACH-401).

Hey Ben -

I want to be sure that I’m understanding this correctly. Upon completion of this course you are then eligible to take the exam that actually certifies you for measuring or mitigation; as stated here: http://www.nrpp.info/entry_level.shtml

Is that correct?

BJ Hutchins

Correct in states that license radon professionals.

Got - I’m in Oregon, I haven’t found any formal requirements.

Thanks for the reply.

You should take the course anyway and keep a copy of your certificate of completion.

For Oregon,

Radon Program
Oregon Health Authority, Research & Education Section
Radiation Protection Services - Radon Gas
Website: www.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/rps/radon/index.shtml

Program Coordinator: Brett Sherry, brett.w.sherry@state.or.us, (971) 673-0440

Hey Ben -

I’ve been in contact with Sherry, she confirmed for me; “Radon Measurement and Mitigation Contractors are not required to be certified to provide services in Oregon.” I’ll still pursue whatever training and certifications, but I wanted to be sure that I didn’t put my foot in my mouth if I said that my company goes above and beyond the State’s requirements. :slight_smile:

Well, that makes it easy. Thanks for the update, Barry.

I just completed the two courses on Mold so now I want to pursue this one. Lucky for me I am Retired so I have the time to invest in these very well put together courses…

[ATTACH]Jeffrey Chabot 078.JPG[/ATTACH]

I found this to be one of InterNACHI’s best courses. very Informative. I don’t often have the opportunity to inspect Radon mitigation systems, but I do a fair amount of testing using the Activated Charcoal Absorption Devices provided by Air Chek.

Having a science degree in business, I found the algebraic equations helpful and the thresholds for standard deviation very informative. What this taught me is that when properly checked for type I and II error, may different devices can be used, all falling in expected tolerances.

The attached pictures are of a home I tested this summer in a finished basement. The levels came back below 2, if I remember right.

I need to work on my SOP and protocols.

Jeffrey Chabot 064.JPG

Jeffrey Chabot 064.JPG

Jeffrey Chabot 064.JPG

Make sure the state you are in also approves these courses. For example, Ohio has approved the online course for CE but not initial licensing. Just be careful and do your homework.
It doesn’t matter one bit what the NRPP approves if you state doesn’t approve it.

Not sure this course is still valid in Ohio, its not listed on ODH website.
I have emailed them to make sure.

Let us know what you find out.

Same in Illinois. Not approved for pre-licensing. And so far all I’ve been able to verify is that the course is only approved for Home Inspector Licensing, not for Radon Measurement Licensing.

Hi, Steve. I’ll have Tanya contact ODH. Our letter of approval does not have an expiration date. So, we’ll confirm.

I have emailed Chuck McCracken with the Ohio Department of Health to confirm our approval of this course. They stated on our approval letter that any course approved with NRPP will be approved with the ODH, and the course is still approved with NRPP.

Ok thanks for the information as they have not responded to my email yet.

I called and it was confirmed the course is valid for Ohio CE.

After completion of Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course will I be issued a NRPP Course ID#? If I understand this correctly PSI Exams needs this ID# in order to take the exam! Any suggestions for New Jersey folk!

The NRPP course ID# is in the course description Brett, top of the page: https://www.nachi.org/radon-measurement-service-provider-online-course.htm

It’s “INACHI-1”