Neutral connections to distribution panel

What are your thoughts on the way the neutral conductors are split on this main distribution panel.

The wire that is split comes from the service entrance.
The wire that is connected to the main neutral feeds a sub panel.



Although electrically it’s probably fine it’s not code compliant. There are lugs made specifically for the purpose of connecting a larger conductor to the smaller holes in the bus bar.

Thanks Robert.

Isn’t this correct Robert?

*All conductor strands must fit into the (same) terminal. *

Thanks guys.

This allows me to repeat an old expression
" If you are not confused then you do not fully understand the situation".


I’m trying to find that to add to my HIP template. Do you know the reference if there is one?

UL listing of the terminal

Is it a manufacturer’s requirement then or a UL requirement? Who would I reference in a comment is what I’m getting at.

I would go with 110.3(B). I don’t think that you’ll find a manufacturer who lists or labels a bus bar for terminations like the one in the photo.

If it part of the UL listing then it will be a requirement of the manufacture simply because the UL Standard will be the AHJ in the requirement.

Thanks guys, it’s always good to know where to point when an agent tries to argue with a report.

So would this one from last week fall into this:

*110.3(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment
shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.

*SE Neutral split-up at top right.

Yes but be careful if you quote the code

Thanks Mike. I do not quote Any codes in my reports.

In reference to photo I posted I wrote something like this;

The stranded SE neutral cable is split up and terminating at different screws at the neutral/ground bar. Some of the wires are Loose at the termination point (screw). The neutral must terminate in a single connection; All conductor strands must fit into the (same) terminal.

That’s nuts, there’s a connection right there! :slight_smile:

So I will tell you from a “Manufacturers” prospective. The lug must be rated and evaluated for it’s intent. Anything other than the investigated intent is NOT COMPLIANT. As stated, there are lugs designed to equalize the distribution of current onto a listed and evaluated lug…However, always ensure that the lug being used is also listed and evaluated for it’s own use as well.

And thats enough on that…:wink: