Double lugging neutrals?

Is it ever ok to double lug the neutrals? If not, how much of a hazard is it? If that is the only defect inside the panel, is a sparky really needed? Just for my info.


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NO NO NO unless buss is designed for same

If done before code change then it is ok but a safety issue. Remember the same amount of current is in the neutral as in the hot or breaker lead thus the connection must be good. Oh and the damage is the same as any other bad connection.

If you need to site code ask someone who cares about code - I really have a problem with the NEC. The people that have written it have had their heads up their a$$ for years. It is like they never went to school.

When you find the NEC listing on the above - LOOK AT THE DATE - Same crap about a walk in closet that is larger than the connected bath room that is connected to another bed room thus it is now a hall way and AFCI code.

And the list goes on


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Richard basically nailed it, I explain to students that in most cases 2 neutrals under one lug is just the same as a double tapped breaker or fuse, and if the bus is not rated for it them they should not be there.



Thanks guys. I thought as much. Just for me own info, how would you know if the bus bars are rated for more than 1 wire?


It will say so on the panel specs.

They should be stuck to the panel cover.

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I trully do apoligize if I gave that impression.

Todd, I didn’t think you rude or short!. My question may of been out of line being that I kinda knew it was wrong to double lug, just not sure how to convey to client. Don’t want to make a big deal (blow a deal/relationship with agent) over something minor, but I want to give my clients a honest inspection. I want my clients to be safe as well.


OK, double lugged nuetralls are worth calling out and you deffinatly need an electrician to correct the problem.

Hazues forbid that you don’t tell them you need a real sparkie and the sparktrecute themselves.:smiley:

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Here is one topic on the double lug neutral being a defect

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Many panels have the label on the inside that indicates wire sizes etc. covered up with the wiring making it impossible to read.

Does anyone know of any specific panels that allow two neutrals under one screw? I have yet to find one that states it is allowed.

Be careful: many panels show 2 and three wires allowed under a screw and then the little footnote will state: “applies to equipment grounds only”