Neutral / Ground Bus

I may be missing something here but haven’t seen this before. Appears that the neutral service is going to the ground and the ground service is going to the neutral bus?? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a disconnect upstream?

I’m thinking yes or there are even more problems. You’ll often see a metal strap that connects the two buses on that type of panel but I don’t see it here so I’m thinking this is a sub panel. They got the grounds/neutrals separated but you do seem to be onto something.

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Yes, it certainly appears that way. The grounding bus does have the bonding strap, and it looks like the neutral bus does not.
That is a pretty blatant error by the electrician.

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Or, uncle Joe who was just in it for the case of beer :slight_smile:

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Yes, there is a disconnect upstream at the exterior meter.

Uncle Joe comment is fun but not helpful :slight_smile:

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Wow… rough crowd. The (obvious) point with the text I quoted was that it well may not have been an electrician that did the work.


You are correct.


Maybe he has an Uncle Joe, and you hit a nerve! :wink:

No kidding allowed! :innocent: