Never ask

Never ask a 35 year master electrician for wire samples, I had recently asked my brother-in-law, (electrician) who is in Ontario to send me some wire samples to have on hand, 8 inch pieces, I had to chuckle when Canada Post pulled up with a big box, a complete history of wire samples, both residential and commercial, from Knob and tube, including the ceramic, to modern electrical wiring, included was a ten page documentation of the history and use of the wiring, Apparently my sister left me a message that the bushing collection is on it`s way, to be honest all I expected was some samples of 14 AWG through to around 1/0, gotta love family.


After you absorbe all the info, consider ‘paying it forward’.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen questions regarding all the different types of wiring and so forth on this MB. Recently, someone asked if anyone had a photo of the different types. Consider taking a few shots for comparison, and posting them in a new thread with an appropriate title for ease of the search feature.

Jeffrey, so many wire types I was like a Kid at Christmas,Knob and tube, NMD 90 of all sizes and colors,wires of various voltage types, 2 ,3,and 4 wire types,BX of all types and ages,Tech cable, NMWV, LVT, thin wall, he was even good enough to separate and label all the most common, GEC for common apps, SEC etc, really cool.
I guess the connectors I am waiting on include everything from steel stud grommets to L-16 connectors,cant wait.

I had a reply post to Christopher “disappear” while I was out doing the wood pile and mowing the lawn!!! It went something like this:

Most HI’s have never worked professionally in the residential wiring field. Since this website is essentially a sales platform for Nick and others (and not a true association in the regular sense of the concept with elections, etc), maybe you and in-law could get more of the wire training packages together and sell them to those in need!"

I won’t get into the “member/vendor” debate, as by now you should have a good idea on my thoughts of a couple of such people, ie… IR, Logo’s,etc…

My comment for Chris was based upon his statements of how he searches out (and appreciates) information from experienced inspectors, and someday he can offer his help. I though this would be a good opportunity that wouldn’t take up too much of his time, and would help out many others. Heck, even us old timers get a brain-fart from time to time, and it’s usually on the simple basic stuff that we do without even thinking about anymore.

Yes I will do that down the road, I imagine it is wires you have all seen, I rewired my basement, but aside from that have only heard mention of the types juring HI studies, thanks.