Never leave a range unattended on a home inspection if the oven door is open.

What does the title of the thread have to do with the article posted?

Never keep a sink, tub or any other water device running while unattended during an inspection either.


And don’t run with scissors.

I Check for the anti tip every inspection only about 20 percent are ever installed , Some agents just roll their eyes . I explain the injuries that occur every year. Most people have no clue what they are, I also include a example picture showing the device in the report . I wonder many inspectors actually take the time to check or explain why.

I do !
And show an example bracket.

Range tip bracket.jpg

Found another one missing yesterday. Here is a graphic.


Ditto, and I find less than 20% installed… more like 5%!


I think this is a pretty good one.

More good advise!

I see it so often that I wrote a blog about, of which I add a link to in the report.

Wayne I always check but if it is a heavy stainless steel model ask Client if they want it in the report.

So the more capable it is of crushing someone, the less likely you are to report it?

Notice that the individual killed was not the homeowner and that there were multiple defendants in the case. I certainly would not want to be a named defendant in a wrongful death case, because I performed a negligent inspection or let the client tell me to leave something out of a report.

What other life-safety hazards do you optionally report, based on your mood or that of your client?

Oh, that makes a lot of sense. What else do you leave out of your reports?

That’s what being through is all about. :wink: