No Anti Tip Device. :mrgreen:

9686 E GELDING DR 12-8-10 020.JPG

9686 E GELDING DR 12-8-10 018.JPG

good find

totally tubular…

Good one :slight_smile:

You must be proud.
Did your client withdraw the offer after your find ?
What kind high tech tools were used in order to uncover this deal breaker issue and did you recommend a skilled ,quality tradesman examine and determine method of repair?
I live in fear of missing this stuff.
Thanks for the reminder.:slight_smile:

[FONT=Times New Roman]As with many safety issues, there is no problem until there is a problem. Active lawsuit in our area regarding the stove tipping with a big pot of boiling spaghetti sauce. Burns, several surgeries, long recovery=$$ all for a $1.29 bracket.

Dang!! I would have guessed a dead mouse somewhere, thus the reason for the air freshener. Ha!

I usually just tip the range, rather than pulling it out :wink:

If the anti-tip was installed and tight with no play and not pulled out, never would have seen the tube. On a slab home to many anti-tips are installed wrong, pull right out. Another reason I think you should take the d/w toeplate off when running. I know many people don’t agree, just my thing. Never know and just takes a minute.

Oh yea and good catch!!

Had a good laugh when i saw that… good catch :slight_smile:

Got lucky on that one. How many inspectors pull out a stove? I don’t for fear of scratching the floor. To test for anti-tipping bracket I open the oven door and apply pressure.

Yeah, you know, one little tug and the whole stove falls on it’s face! Who knew that they loaded it with all that holiday cooking?
30 lb turkey, pies, pastries…

Jeeez musta been kinda embarassing…

Not as lucky as you may think Vince, I always try and peak behind the range.

I just pulled this one out to get a better Picture of the anti tip. :wink:

I always give them the old weight test to see if they move before calling it out.
The old ones are heavy and have no need for anti tip.

Try not to be a pencil pushing alarmist if not needed.

There is another one going beyond the SOP…Sheesh…

You just don’t get it.

You either substantially comply with the SOP or you don’t.

How hard is that to understand? :shock:

and which SOP is that?

I just DO get it.

I get that I started a business. I get that I pay for its success and its failures. I get that I OWN the business. I get that I shall decide how to run my business. I get that the whole liability lies on MY shoulders. I get that I want to provide the BEST inspection possible using all technology I can understand how to use. I get that the SOP is the MINIMUM standard and I do and will continue to surpass the low standards set.

By the way, I understand my business has grown every year I have owned it. I get that too. What you fail to realize that you don’t RUN your business, your customers do! I do as they want (within reason) and will continue to find ways to under promise and over deliver and to meet their needs in every way possible.

YOU just don’t get it.

Congrats on significantly complying with the minimum standard. Very proud of ya.

Very good question and Touche’.

So do I