Never seen one of these before!

Hey Ladies & Gents, I am looking for some help identifying the item in this photo below the sink.
It is a metal ‘basket’ perforated with several holes in a uniform pattern. This ‘basket’ is inset into a hole in the concrete basement floor, below the laundry sink.
The owner had no idea what it is and didn’t seem to care.
I think it looks like a good place to store potatoes.
Anybody know what it is really for?

Thanks for the help.


It’s a sump pit - An empty sump pit. But it looks like it had a level in it at some point. Is that the lid, over to the right?

Looks like a buried trash can that someone drilled holes in.
Note the handle indent at about 11:00.

Improvised Mike,:wink:

Cheaper than buying one I guess.

Brian was correct though.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Sump pit is the first thing that occured to me as well but the location and unfinished state had me questioning that. The black on the right is the top of the solid waste pump housing. It’s a country property.

Thank you all for your expeditious and definitive replies. I owe you a beer.

LaBatt Bleu :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Can’t remove the Quebecois influence from a person, can they??

It is a twin to the one in my basement… Brian got it right… I will collect all the beer for everyone to save them the efforts… Thanks:mrgreen: