What the ......is it??? Help!

will email the picture to the lucky helper who can tell me what this is please leave email address and will send it for anyone to assess it.
Thank you …John Umpleby.

Just post the pic.

For whatever reason my computer wont let me take the image from my desk top and post it here, if you want to take a look i will email you the picture.

Ok John

C’mon. Post it.

Hit your “Go Advanced” button and then the little paper clip.

John I want to goto bed email me the pic and i will post for you

Septic tank…

Coffin, Oil tank, Nice patio??

I have never seen this thing before But it is not a septic tank.

Okay… abandoned septic tank…

Why… what do you see or know, that I can’t see, because I am not there???

Coal room. Chute door has been closed off.

or an old cistern would be my wag…

Old Bomb Shelter:wink:

It appears to be a septic tank. Notice the cast iron pipe at the rear of the pad that is in the mid-line. The two squares on top appear to be for the access covers. Did you happen to notice pieces of rebar or loops embeded in the squares on the top?

Well Scott, This house sits in downtown Toronto not common for septic tanks but could be one.

Where does the SWL exit the building in relation to this cement box?

Maybe a tornado shelter. LOL
Really i think it is a septic tank that was home made. Built to close to the house

A septic tank, it may be abandon

Redneck covered swimming pool.

Could either be a cistern, or as most post septic tank although I haven’t seen one above ground before. Maybe I’ve just been looking at grass shacks too much?