New 203K consultants manual

I recieved it this week. Too bad for the consultants who have no representation because the draft document has stuck to the fees set in the early 90’s. This is the result of successful bank lobbying.

Talked to Dan Bowers this morning and we both think this will lead to $10- $12 an hour consultant/ inspectors.

If anyone wants a copy PM me with your email and I’ll send a copy. Its about 560 pages and you will need the index to find the part on HUD consultants.

The banks feel inspections get in the way of the loan process and they have lobbied to reduce fees for inspection reports.

Here we go…! This is just the start of others determining the future of the home inspection …
Industry(?). Stand up, sit down or lay down.

Its not good news. But we will persevere regardless.

Some of the “allowed fees” in the draft have went from $50 to $100.00 but the consultant fees have been set the same in the range for from $400.00 to $1000.00 and the housing market in my inspection area have been in the range of $250,000.00 to $750,000.00 and the average 203k renovation project is $140,000.00 per project it is amazing that the mortgage industry have the same practice as before the industry as after being able to set fees of $50,000 to $100,000.00 or more per transaction.

So what’s your tight-knit, dedicated group gonna do about it?

Start a continental army to battle the unfair wage practices! :twisted:

Get a life Mr Jonas.

I don’t think with only 2000- 203K consultants a lot is gonna happen.

In Minnesota consultants do not need to be HI inspectors, how about where you are Fred?

That is exactly my point. There are ONLY 2000 (your number), 203K Consultants in the US. I have seen the websites and forums. You appear to be a “tight-knit” specialized group. Seems to me you would have ‘some’ clout in ‘your’ industry. What is your plan? What would happen if this “union” of 203K Consultants decided to “strike”? Who would perform the work in their absence? Oh, right, it’s the government. You would all be fired. The same government that, in another thread, we (sic) want to be controlled by? Interesting.

I have one, and this “old” bastard is quite content, thank you very much! :smiley:

Why does anyone work for $10-$12

You are loosing money every time you work for slave wages.

I am curious how many who support your new club have worked for these prices or less.

Jeffrey, Yeah you old sh-i-t-kicker, rock on.

If 203K consultants who are independant contractors did strike we would be done, or would we? Were talking through this change right now. Yes we are tightknit and in some states all 203K consultants are also licensed home inspectors, or they soon will be.

What makes you think some powerful banks won’t request streamline home inspections for mortgages. All they need to do is put the inspection fee in the mortgage and one of the franchise will offer the banks $250 home inspections.

I work in the mortgage industry and hear about new overlays all the time.

Do you think home inspectors are immune?

This is the future when you have government controlled pricing. The same one that you now want to bring to the rest of us. No thank you!

Never said anything about government controlled pricing.

I see a very large group of inspectors who if and when proposed changes to our industry are suggested will have the clout to hold off the groups that will try to control and regulate home inspectors.

Never said anything about a union, never said the group will tell inspectors what to do, never said anything about pricing controls. Any group whether its 5 people or 500,000 cannot according to the Sherman Anti trust Act discuss pricing. It may happen all the time behind closed doors but its illegal.

Contractors now have the LRRP, or the lead rule. The paint companies sold lead based paint until the mid 70’s, Europe and the rest of the world outlawed lead but American business through lobbying continued to use this poisonous heavy metal. Boom, 4 years ago small contractors were ordered to become safe lead practices contractors. Now this is good for children, pregnant woman and all living things but why the contractors, one man shops? The people who poisoned got a get out of jail free card and I got to clean up their mess. Not only that, I had to do it by government suggested practices which if you know what I’m talking about was dumb azz.

On the 203K and working for $10 an hour, won’t happen but Granite inspections with 4000 inspectors of varying experience will do $100 draw and pay the inspectors minimum wage, I dont care about that but I do care that somehow the bar will be lowered for other inspection services. The fact you are better and can get your fees all day long is of little consequence because once things start to slide for the industry it will affect everyone in a negative way. So no to setting prices but I have concerns about the industry remaing untouched when the big players start dictating terms.

Notice that nowhere in my posts did I mention “Home Inspectors”. I don’t understand why you keep bring them into this equation. Notice I even went so far as to mention “your” industry (203K Consultations) to distance my posts from being confused. I guess Chuck and Linas are correct… you are confused.


Missed me, didn’t you? :twisted:

Missed you? I met you a couple of times and don’t think your a guy that gets missed.
In some states 203K consultants must be licensed home inspectors. So then I am not confused.

Now go out and shovel your driveway before you get yelled at.

Already done at 5:30am. Some of us “old bastards” can afford to pay others to do their crap chores while I sit back and sip my hot coffee and watch the morning news.

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Ah yes, nothing like spending quality time with my family instead of humping out “3 a day”!

I’m doing draw inspection reports, easy peasy.

Uum, your not talking dirty here are you?