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Very simple question…I’m new to doing this so let me know if I’m in the correct place.

Anybody signed up with the HUD 302K Consultant program?

Is it worth getting into?:neutral:

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i’ve tried and havent gotten an word… its been a couple months. I would love to get on the list, there’s no one within 100 miles of here on the list

I looked into on their web site, but couldn’t figure out what the heck you needed to do. When I contacted them directly, and stated I couldn’t find the info on their site, they then referred me to the exact site, that wasn’t helpful. :roll: Typical bureaucrats.

To the best of my knowledge: 302k consultant is an appraiser; just need to complete the application on the FHA web site, but make sure you have a license. FHA fee inspector is an inspector, again need a state license if state requires them. FHA fee inspector can’t do the 203K appraisal (consultant) which is a lot of work showing pre and post rehab work with values with pictures and such (I sometimes get a copy of the appraisal along with an order to do final inspection). FHA fee inspector can do progress and final inspections, and last week, a mortgage broker told me that if any property’s value has dropped over 20%, they now require a full inspection by a fee inspector (haven’t verified that yet).

FHA lists both as “inspectors” to make it more complicated. At least in my state, the “P” in the first digit of the inspector’s code is a 203K consultant and any other letter is a fee inspector.

The applications are on the web site (same application for 203K consultant and fee inspector) and you download it, fill it in, and mail it to FHA… in my case, they sent the application back to me saying I didn’t attach a copy of my appraisers license… I just returned the letter with a memo saying I didn’t apply for 203K consultant, and was listed on their web site about a week later. Neat thing is that it sounds like that puts you on the VA list also, have had a few VA mortgagees call saying I was on their list.

It’s confusing to say the least. But, I routinely get some inspections each month from it, almost always “right now or sooner” since they are usually ready to close and just need the FHA 92051 form and inspection to close it out. Downside is that most of the calls I get are for 203K consultant and I have to explain I’m fee inspector… those calls take a while.

I just happened to think: I forgot to mention the other “downside”. There are 5 government publications, about 100 pages each, that you must have and know and maintain. A lot of it looks pretty much like residential code. You have to certify that you have and know those. And then, the inspections are to those guidelines and the plans; you do the inspection, then certify the dwelling and work meets those HUD guidelines; or list any items for repair if any. Rather stiff penalties for not doing a proper job; something I keep in mind all the time.

I called my local center today to attempt to get some more info on becoming a 203-k consultant. It seems to be some big secret. I am looking for a link to an official application that I can fill out and that is difficult. The HUD people all say it’s in their FAQ section, and they even emailed me the section that gives application info. There is no link to an application though.

**As I am typing this post, this was emailed to me. I think this will do it.:slight_smile:
Thank you for contacting the FHA Resource Center, a response to your inquiry is provided below. If you have additional questions you can submit them via email to or contact us at 1-800-225-5342. Please do not respond to this email unless you need further clarification or wish to initiate a new service request.

FAQ : How do I apply to be placed on the FHA Inspector Roster?

Solution Details : All inspectors seeking placement on the FHA Inspector Roster must meet the eligibility criteria listed below and apply for placement. To be eligible for placement on the FHA Inspector Roster an applicant must:

  1. Have a minimum of three years experience in one or more construction related fields. The applicant must be equipped with familiarity, experience and understanding of all aspects of residential construction techniques and methods, particularly as related to new construction and/or repairs of a structural nature;

  2. Possess an inspector’s state or local license or certification, if licensing or certification is required by the State or local jurisdiction where the inspector will do business;

  3. Read and fully understand FHA’s inspection requirements, and any updates to those requirements, including:
    a) HUD Handbook 4905.1 REV-1 (Requirements for Existing Housing, One to Four Family Units)
    b) HUD Handbook 4910.1 (Minimum Property Standards for Housing
    c) HUD Handbook 4145.1 REV-2 (Architectural Processing and Inspections for Home Mortgage Insurance)
    d) HUD Handbooks 4150.1 REV-1 (Valuation Analysis for Home Mortgage Insurance)
    e) HUD Handbook 4150.2 CHG-2 (Valuation Analysis for Home Mortgage Insurance for Single Family One- to Four- Unit Dwellings)
    f) Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing issued by Mortgagee Letter 97-36
    g) Applicable local, state, or Council of American Building Officials (CABO) code(s)
    h) HUD requirements at 24 CFR 200.926 4. Pass HUD’s examination for inspectors (after such an examination becomes available).

FHA will announce the availability of the FHA Inspector exam by Mortgagee Letter. When the exam becomes available, inspectors already listed on the FHA Inspector Roster will have a six month grace period to pass the exam in order to remain on the Roster and will be reminded of such in the forthcoming Mortgagee Letter. To be placed on the FHA Inspector Roster the applicant must submit the following information:

  1. An original completed form HUD-92563, '‘Application for Fee or Roster Personnel Designation’;
  2. Proof of a valid State or local license or certification if licensing or certification is required by the State or local jurisdiction where the inspector will do business;
  3. A certification from the entity providing the test to evidence successful passing of the comprehensive FHA Inspector examination (upon its availability).

The above information must be submitted to:

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Office of Single Family Housing
Attn: Valuation Branch
451 7th Street, SW, Suite 9270
Washington, DC 20410

Mortgagee Letter 2004-29