New, and first, Grandkid.

Rebecca Mason, born 4:08 AM, 2/17/09. 8 lbs, 9 oz.

Full head of curly black hair. Son-in-law is a wreck (understandably), Mother (my daughter, Eloise), is tired (again, understandably), and all is well.

So proud I could bust.

  1. Da Kid
  2. Mom, Dad and Da Kid
  3. Grandpa and Da Kid




Congratulations William.

Good looking kid…congrats William. Hope baby, mom and dad are doing well!!!

Congrats Will!!!

Congrats Will !!!

Where was she born at?


A lotta new firsts coming up for Grandpa. Congrats will :smiley:

I have two grandsons, 6 and 8, and two on the way. And, my nephew is expecting his first; an uncle again. Makes putting up with this Kansas legislation worth it.

Prentice Woman’s Hospital, part of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where they film ER.

You should have seen the look on the receptionists face when I brought in the Birthday Gift, for Da Kid. ARM-14 pellet rifle.

Gotta start them off right.

My middle daughter, the one at the U.S. Naval Academy, is all in joy. I sent a Valintine’s day “care package” to her, and her Company. 120 lb box of Kosher chocolate candy, Truffles, Chocolate covered dried fruit, Jelly beans, Toffee, etc. I know the guy who owns the shop and did a safety inspection for him, two years ago, and found CO just POURING out of his furnace. His wife thinks that I “saved” his whole family (and new, 3 month old son), so he gives me a discount. He makes all his own chocolate, from the raw beans (kosher, you know).

Lotta REAL happy middies in Company 11, tonight.

Gonna be a REAL intersting PT in the morning. :mrgreen:

Congratulations on your first grandchild…

Congratulations William!

Congratulations Will, I mean Gramps!!!:smiley:

Congrats Will

Congratulation Will.

Please don’t dress her in an orange blouse…:mrgreen:

Congrats Will!!

Congrats Will.

Enjoy the hell out of them while they’re young.

Awesome, congratulations!

very nice!!!

Congratulations Will
I know you have already started to Spoil Da Kid!!! ;);):wink:

Have fun Grand Dad :mrgreen:

Congrats Will\:D/ , It’s a wonderful feeling:D:D!! I get to babysit my 18 mos old grandson tonight. They get big quick.