This is a first

My first grandchild was born at 6:40 pm today. Did I just wright that?:shock:
I will be 45 this year.:frowning:
how old were some of you guys when this happened to you?

44…great grampa at 66.

Congratulations! I was 50 and now have two. Grandkids are fun!..enjoy them. :smiley:

I was 50 as my oldest daughter had our first grandchild.

I am now 57, and theres a second little one now,

so we have two at this stage…:slight_smile:

42 I have two with one on the way. congratulations gramps.

37 :shock: :cool:

I was 46 when my grand daughter was born on 02/29/96. She just turned 3 this year.

inbreeding don’t count :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

first grandson at 44, second grandson at 45, last so far at 51 a granddaughter that runs roughshod over the two boys most of the time

Congrads to all us seniors or at least elders!!!


51 and I still have a young one:shock:

Thats the bad part. My youngest it 7:cool:

Must be something in the water here I was 49 when my first grandson was born and 14 years later I have 9 Grandsons and 3 Granddaughters the youngest just turned 2 this month:shock: I have my own ball team

I have 2 GRANDSONS a 2 and a 4 year old!

I was 42 now I am 46 I can say that out of all my fishing buddys the two of them are the best!

And they make having children worth all the pain in the world! :wink:

Thats not bad!!

I have a younger sister that was a grandma at 32! Her daughter followed in her foot steps all to well!

52 for my first one. My daughter was a late bloomer, ha. ha.

Now I got two.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

44 now I have 7, ages 5 to 17

You need a TV;)