Proud Grandpa

My Daughter Amber just gave birth to her second child.
Her name is Ellie and the other cutie is Riley.

That is proud Dad holding her.

7 pounds and 10 ounces.

Congrats. Enjoy. You will be grinning for years now :slight_smile:

Congratulations Bob!!

Congrats Bob!!

Congrats Bob! Best wishes to the entire family!



Congratulations Grandpa.

Congratulations Bob.

Congratulations Grandpa!:smiley:
I have four sons and six grandchildren! I told my son’s that if I had known that my grandchildren were going to be so great I would have had them first!!:D:p:D

Congrats Bob! So fun

Congratulations Bob.

Thanks everyone though I had nothing to do with it feel effected.
Could not get any sleep all night and getting ready to drive an hour west to start off a hectic inspection schedule over the next several days.

Still takes me far too long on reports so will be looking for every cup of coffee I can find.

Need to call her up and make sure all is well later on though with the ton of friends they have sure any news gets on the web before the old man hears about it.LOL

Congratulation Bob, grandkids are a lot of fun, especially when you can send them home with their parents… LOL

I have 5, my oldest has triplets, all girls OMG!! They will be 10 in April.

Congrats Bob.

I sure enjoy the six I have.

Congrats Bob.


Usually do not post this wimpy stuff…lol. Ooops

Congrats Bob😃

Congratulations Bob! This isn’t wimpy at all, it’s great! When are you going to go out and visit?

Congrats Bob