New and improved electrical box in attic

This cracked me up when I found this in an attic of a home I inspected.
wow is all I could say. Someone put in some effort for this.

Anybody remember this stuff as a drink growing up, yummm.

thats awesome!

If you look closely in the right corner you can see the UL label. :slight_smile:

The plastic lid makes the picture.

The NEC specifically states that sugar free coffee cans are only for crawlspaces and not attics…I think

Of course you need the lid on there, or else it will be an improper, open air junction we all know the junction boxes need to be closed. :smiley:

Should have used the Swiss Mocha for the neutrals… The Irish cream garners some resistance on occasion :wink:

I remember those, how funny!

Damn, they left the cover off…and it was so close.

Think green , recycling You lads need to update yourselves

Hey now …

ah the irish are everywhere !

Ok guys lets carry this on to the best soft report narration of JB. LOL

Since Junction boxes are allowed in attic spaces. I recommend that the lid be made with the same material as the junction box itself, plastic is not approved to contain the wires in the coffee container. Wires should also be pushed further into the box passed the outside protection sheathing. Seek any Contractor to do this. Electrical tape can be added as protection were the wires enter the box as it is approved for this purpose.:mrgreen: