Open junction Boxes

Open junction boxes…Beware !

Just about as common as “Hot-dish”]( in Minnesota! :mrgreen:

Hear to and we usually have proper vents and 12" of attic insulation.

Where are you located? Go in the control panel and add your location to better receive answers to questions you may have.

I don’t understand what it matters where you are…, But …
This is my comment.
“Improper wiring splice in attic area. All wire splices should be in junction boxes with cover plate installed.”

East enought…Huh?

Their location geographically matters to what kind of useful comments they might recieve, so is relevant. I agreed to the open box and was commenting on the rest of the picture view.

However, Where would an open junction box be explained any different?
Just Askin’.

Sure you don’t need a video for that? :roll:

As old as I am a video with dancing girls would be better.
Hey JJ How you doing Brother?

It would be explained under electrial sub title for Attic in my HIP Report. :wink:

But this pic looks to be over the garage due to the insulation in the back ground, maybe. :wink:

OK Jeff you found it. Now explain to me why it is important to fix (pretend I am your client)…

Not just an open box…
Also the lack of proper NM cable support.
Plus, if I’m seeing it correctly, those knockouts and clamps are not for NM/Romex; They are for armored cable.