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Please Read. This is not a pitch for employment

I am recent civil engineering graduate who is looking to supplement my income with additional part time work. I am interested in home inspection because it is somewhat relevant to my chosen career and can provide more valuable experience than delivering pizza! My questions are:

1. Do I need formal HI training to work in this business? As I mentioned I am a civil engineer and I have some construction experience. (And common sense too.)

2. It appears that most HI run their own one-man(or woman) business. Are there companies/individuals that would hire a part timer?

3. Is it even possible to work part time? Or is this strictly a full time business?

4. What are the chances of being offered training/insurance from a company? Like I said I am interested in supplementing my income without incurring a hefty expense (college loans are enough now!)

5. I understand in my home state (NJ) that as of May 2004, all home inspectors must be licensed as a HI. Could this affect me in any way? (I have passed the EIT, but not a PE yet). Any comments from NJ HI would help on this one.

I thank anyone greatly who could help with ANY questions

Michael Quasarano

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1. In many states, not required. In all states highly (personally) recommended.
2. Some do, call locally and ask.
3. I (currently) inspect part time, so yes it is possible.
4. Slim to none.
5. Yes. Read here:

All of the above are based solely on my opinion and experience, which may or may not be worth much. Look for responses from other members to compliment this?


Joe O'Connell

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I would suggest trying to get on with an engineering firm that does HI's. I googled up as a NJ outfit, for example (no idea if they're OK). If nothing else, there will be some PE's there to ask if they'll endorse your PE when you're ready (need 5 PE's in NJ?)

HI is a lot different than knocking down a CE degree and the EIT. I never needed a free body diagram with a HI; never summed the forces to zero.

There are failure modes for house components that would amaze you. There are do-it-yourself repairs and modifications that are astounding (in a bad way). Some of the "approved" methods and materials will leave you for a loss for words. A good HI school can help with these types of problems.

...hope this helps,