New article: Mold Testing for Home Inspectors.

I do not owe you a thanks, you have not answered my question. It is obvious that you do as you wish and the SOP means nothing to you. I do not operate that way. Please do not reply to my questions.

Good luck Chad, settle down now.
IMO your thought process is defective. It could make you go bankrupt.

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Your a real comedian. LOL!!!

I don’t understand the questions. Is the homeowner asking you to sample with a blindfold on?


They just want air and dust samples but no inspection.

I do air smampling all the time without verifying a need for it. Dust? I’ve never sampled dust.

I do dust samples for a local mold Dr.
You would be surprised how much mold dust has.

If someone was willing to pay for me to sample dust i surly would cash that check.

I read a book called “Break the mold” written by Dr. Jill Crista and she talks about dust and mold. Quite eye opening.

I just do not want to violate the SOP.

You can use the SOP then modify your agreement to state what parts of the SOP you will not be performing.

I personally do not do mold inspections, but the premise is the same as the following.

I can do a home inspection and in an agreement, I can remove things like the roof, HVAC or whatever. I have not violated the SOP, I have modified it for the task at hand. I hope that helps.

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Thank you Brian.

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Yes, do it.

I tried that but did not sink in


Hello my fellow members. Can someone provide a list of all the test equipment that an inspector would need in order to be a great mold inspector.

I bought the kit shown below. Not from this vendor though. I got mine through EMSL if I remember right. Then you should also get some tape samples and some swabs.