New article: Mold Testing for Home Inspectors.

Mold Testing for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

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Nice read Nick.



Is anyone using a pre-Inspection addendum for mold?

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I’m looking at possibly starting to do mold detection also, My company currently is a sewer scope only company. What are typical costs for equipment?

Two questions for everyone. Do you use a borescope and how often? And why do they range so much in cost?
Just starting in business and investing in tools but budget is tight, so I want to make the right decisions. Thanks

Thanks, Nick Gromicko, Alan Nguyen and Kate Tarasenko. Nicely done.

You can just buy a $100 videoscope for areas you expect that had a water intrusion. It is hard to find mold with a scope in a tight cavity but it is better than not scoping the cavity at all. Just because a scope does not show ant mold, does not mean it is not there.

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What equipment do you suggest for Mold inspections?

I have had requests from homeowners to do mold testing without the visual inspection. Is it okay to do so without violating IAC2 standards of practice?

Yeah, sure it is, Chad.

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The standards of practice seem pretty specific about what needs to be done to provide standardized procedures to be used for a mold inspection. So how can I justify just testing and not performing the visual inspection?

I use a contract called
Limited Mold Sampling Agreement

Thanks, but that did not answer my question.

READ the SOP for limited mold sampling

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There is no SOP for limited mold sampling. Do you mean limited mold inspection, because that still requires a visual inspection of the limited area.

Simply have your agreement state limited to sampling only per client request.

So the SOP is meaningless?

If you choose to literally live and die with it good for you.
You will never be able to perform what you are asking about… … …

Can someone, other than Marc, provide feedback on this issue please?

BTW, you’re welcome Chad.
I give up trying to have you understand.