New article: Mold Testing for Home Inspectors.

Mold Testing for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

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Nice read Nick.



Is anyone using a pre-Inspection addendum for mold?

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I’m looking at possibly starting to do mold detection also, My company currently is a sewer scope only company. What are typical costs for equipment?

Two questions for everyone. Do you use a borescope and how often? And why do they range so much in cost?
Just starting in business and investing in tools but budget is tight, so I want to make the right decisions. Thanks

Thanks, Nick Gromicko, Alan Nguyen and Kate Tarasenko. Nicely done.

You can just buy a $100 videoscope for areas you expect that had a water intrusion. It is hard to find mold with a scope in a tight cavity but it is better than not scoping the cavity at all. Just because a scope does not show ant mold, does not mean it is not there.

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