New article on lighting in clothes closets

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Glad to see this in there Chris…
Also, metal pull chains may be dangerous; if the base cracks, the chain can become electrified.

Not if it wired properly Coloured wire to Brass screw and it goes to the Centre terminal of the socket and bulb.
White wire Goes to the silver screw and it goes to the outside of the bulb and this wire should be common to earth ( ground )

Hi Roy ,that is true if wired correctly.
Even still ,does not that outside band become electrified when the light is on?

Last but not least.

How many guys test light sockets for reverse wiring?

is a light socket an outlet? if so I do.

Hi Mark
Yes it is.
So now you do,though it sounds like you don’t.:slight_smile:

That’s OK as I doubt anyone checks them or even most of them.

Might even call them liars unless they actually get on a tall ladder and check the candelabra sockets hanging from vaulted ceilings.Yeah ,right.

It is the same as the neutral bar in a panel not energised