New article: Pre-Drywall Inspections.

Pre-Drywall Inspections - InterNACHI

Good article but not sure where this came from??

I would not perform a pre-drywall inspection with insulation installed! There is a reason that professional insulation installers wear respirators and protective suits when they install the insulation. Airborne fibers and contaminants can still be present even after the insulation is in. Once the drywall is up those are typically contained and not a problem.

Another reason is noted in the article that very important details WILL BE obscured! For the same reason I won’t do the inspection with insulation in I certainly would NEVER move insulation to see any of those important details.

If visibly seeing the insulation is important (Vs. using thermal imaging later) then an additional insulation inspection can be performed using proper safety gear and the time in the house is much less than a full pre-drywall inspection.

I agree, but not because of air quality. You can’t see much with the insulation installed. Air sealing should be intact for the inspection though. A pre-drywall inspection is done at the same stage as the framing inspection by AHJ, which is before the main insulation is installed. Insulation is a separate inspection by AHJ in my area. I think an ICC cert, or a thorough knowledge of the building code is certainly recommended for phase inspections.

Do you guys just use the standard residential inspection agreement or the phase/draw inspection agreement for these or an entirely different agreement? I have someone inquiring about having this done, and I feel confident in doing it (would be the first for just specifically a “pre-drywall inspection”), just want to make sure that I CYA (CMA?) for it as well. I have used the phase/draw inspection agreement several times with large re-models, which this is essentially one part of a phase inspection but a bit more detailed. Sorry to bump an old thread but didn’t see any newer threads on this topic that had any viable answers.