Pre drywall inspections in South Carolina

Hello all
I was asked by a realtor that often keeps me busy if i can do a pre drywall inspection.
I told them ill get back with them
I have NOT done a pre drywall inspection yet nor do i have the experience to do so.
if i accept the inspection will i put my self in liabilany
Any advice will help and what software or template is used for something like this

If you’re not familiar with the requirements of a pre-drywall inspection I recommend you pass. A pre-drywall inspection is nothing like a home inspection.

I’m not aware of any templates, I write my own PDF report.


I highly recommend you shadow a competent inspector a few times and do a few mock reports for peer review.

The thing about pre-drywall is this; almost everything is visible. That makes you liable for everything you can see, which is a lot.


thanks for the input

With that being said, Pre-Drywall Inspections are akin to “Code” Inspections! If you are not well versed in Code, pass it on to someone who is, or team up with them to gain ‘some’ experience.


thanks Jerrey
I passed on the offer


What part of SC? I do them

Charleston area

Just remember, they can’t sue the municipal code inspector…but they can sue You, a home inspector. a pre-drywall inspection is looking at codes (even though you may not state it in a report) regarding framing, plumbing HVAC and Electrical. they call them “Four Way” inspections in my neck of the woods. I’m simply not qualified enough to put up with that kind of liability $$$.

Thanks for the info Larry.
Do you know where I can get that kind of training besides shadowing someone

We’ve got just what you need but not in time for this specific request.

Registration for this live and space is limited Pre-Drywall Training - Casa

Take an ICC class from England training- should be able to find them on Google. They have a lot of classes in Columbia and online

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