New article: Sewer Scope Inspections for Home Inspectors.

Sewer Scope Inspections for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

Good points in the article. Thank you. Here in Milwaukee WI I have dealt with some interesting sewers just as a handyman. Many houses here don’t have clean outs and have rain gutters directly piped into the sewer system. This is one of the access points I am going to try on my clients house as practice.
Just purchase my sewer scope and was wondering if there were any docs created to add this to my online agreements?
Excited to start using my new equipment.

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I’m having a hard time learning what license requirements there are in Wisconsin for a sewer scope inspector. I’m licensed as a home inspector, but don’t know if I need additional certifications to scan sewer lines.

Check with your State DSPS division . In the State of Texas our Plumbing licensing board has declared sewer scoping is a licensed Plumber function and our Inspector licensing department (Texas Real Estate Commission or TREC) does agree/abide with the State Plumbing Licensing department.

Your State may be different but their licensing laws are quite similar to ours and they may not allow other than a licensed Plumber to perform this.