New article

I just wrote a new article on new construction home defects. I would appreciate it if you would read and comment.


Article is very good but check this out:

So, what can you do? The answer is, probably nothing. But, you can get an independent evaluation of the house by a state licensed and professional home inspector prior to your purchase. Home inspectors are the only party that is part of a house sale that is completely unbiased. We don’t care if the house is the greatest and best constructed house ever built, of it is a real POS

Did you mean “or”?

Good catch. Thanks. I mis-type that alot.


The last sentence reads “National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.” You forgot the “inter”.

Informative article, interesting read.


I am not Nick and don’t care what NAHI thinks.

But that’s just me.

Good work.

So how come many people and leaving their houses because they can’t live there, or are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their own pocket to fix problems in houses that are just 3 - 4 years old

Good article, well done. Informative and selling inspections - what’s not to like. I’m not sure that I understand the first part of the sentence that I’ve copied though.