New Asphalt driveway looks like cold-patch!

Builder’s rep told home buyer- thats what the town wants- in regard to an asphalt driveway that in my opinion, looks like it may have been installed at less than the desired temperature…anyone have any gurther insight on such product or are we all in agreement to call BS?

Large gaps oberved between the aggregate in the new construction asphalt driveway. Water may settle in these areas causing premature deterioration, especially during colder weather when moisture may expand/freeze in said areas.

  • Great New Prduct
  • BS…poor installation

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Porous Driveway. Eco-Friendly or Milled asphalt. Old asphalt that is crushed into gravel, which, when compacted, hardens or binds. Use to see lots of them.

Asphalt has various grades for different duties.


Bull…take the picture to the town/code office and ask wtf?.. because in New Jersey it won’t wear well, IMHO.

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It looks like rolled asphalt with rolled in stone for aesthetics. I see it often in historical buildings.


Having run an asphalt company for some time my opinion is BS From this picture the material appears to be a product that does not have the appropriate amount of mineral aggregate in the mix. I would contact the city if you are not familiar with the city specifications.

In appearance it looks like “porous asphalt” which is a specialty drainage type asphalt. Which I have seen installed as part of a storm water management system. For this type to be installed, there would have to be a reason. I agree with the above post, the aggregate mix is suspect and the city may have a hand. But, not enough photos or information. If the aggregate was not loose, I probably would not call it a defect.


There are a few key design and maintenance factors to consider in order to ensure optimum pollutant removal and longevity of porous asphalt pavements

  • Vacuum sweeping on a quarterly schedule

I’m sure the homeowner is going to do this :broom: :broom:

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