New book lists as one of the best sites on the world wide web.

That may very well be the reason I rec’d a call from this aft.

$295 within 2 hours for a 90 minute job that does not even qualify as a home inspection under our SOPs.

Check it out, my friends . . .

As I’ve been saying for the past 4 years-

Thanks, Nick!!!


I just filled out the app. any problems working with them?

Bruce, I haven’t been with them long enough to know!

They called me at 2:30 yesterday, told me they needed a job done out this way, & then they faxed me the contact info.

I made the contact, went to call RAL back for final approval & give them a quote, & they were gone - after 5PM in Indiana.

So, that’s the only negative so far - unless I find out differently, there’s no 24/7 contact.

They do want you to use their “Inspection” form, which is a bit lopsided - it under reports in some areas, over in others - IMO. Some things I’d just not fill in, with a disclaimer- the word “liability” keeps popping into my mind. I really fly within the radar of our SOP!