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I am in the process of getting started, having fulfilled all the pre-joining requirements but still having to do my mock inspections and finish the electrical and roofing tests. Out of the blue, I got a call from a lady that needed an inspection in a town about 1 1/2 hours away, but sadly, I had to decline as I’ve not fulfilled my requirements yet. I told her that it was too far and that I’m still in start up mode. It has, however, lit a fire under me to get things done and establish myself in the business! The thought that I just passed on several hundred dollars motivates me even more! Please be tolerant with my endless questions and pleas for advice. Thanks in advance.
Jerry Ingraham

Hi Jerry

Welcome to the asylum, good to be motivated isn’t it. :mrgreen:



Welcome aboard Jerry and enjoy the ride.
Missed oppurtunity has a way of ehancing one’s motivation. Ask plenty questions and contribute when you have something to say. I commend your attitude in following NACHIs requirment to not do paid inspections until all entrance conditions have been met.

Welcome Jerry . If I can help please do npot hesiatate to ask . On an inspection need a question answered phone Number on My web site .
Roy Cooke 888 does not work from USA


Welcome to NACHI. If you want my opinion on how to obtain success, the first thing to consider is spelling your name with a “G”. Seems to work for Gerry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re in good company up there in Yakima. At least one member in good standing comes to mind from those parts.

Good luck to you and get cracking.

P.S, I just got back from an hour and a half drive to Baytown. Don’t ask why I did it. It’s really kinda silly. I like going there. The people there are great. A place where they still don’t lock the doors when they leave home.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Thankfully, I am fully employed and can take the time to learn and set up this business correctly so as not to fail. I intend to do it as a part time or side line until I feel the volume is such that I can go full time. I’m looking forward to it and appreciate the help along the way.
Jerry (think I’ll stick with the “J”)!

Welcome Jerry, I too started slowly so I could get off on the right foot and create a successful business. I created my business last year but didn’t offically start conducting Inspections until early this spring…and business has been pretty good with very little advertising on my part.

There is a ton of info and some great advice given by some smart feller’s on this site…read away!!:mrgreen:

Welcome… keep your eyes open.