new brochure design for Premier Home Inspection and Analysis, LLC

We want your opinion!

Attached are the previous and new brochure designs for Premier Home Inspection and Analysis. The new design maintains many similar elements, but introduces a new logo and retires a few of the old images.

But we want YOUR opinion. What do you like about each? What works and what doesn’t? Are there any elements from the old design that you would like to have seen carried through to the new one? Anything that you are glad to see is gone?

Both are attached ---- first two images are of the old brochure, the new design is third and fourth. (also labeled in the upper left corner.)

Click here for a closer look at the new design:

Now rip them apart!





Really nice.

I wonder what it is like to be a non-member. It must be like having one hand tied behind your back.

Looks great Jessica. The negative space and the cleaned up format is much easier to read. I also really like the framing of the logo on the front of the brochure, nice repetition of shapes to draw attention to the logo. The toning down of the blue throughout the brochure to a more print friendly color is a good move and much easier to look at. Additionally, the new home illustration is larger, more colorful, and easier to understand. All said and done it looks very professional.

Levi stole my comments – who do I complain to? -(

Seriously, most DIY brochures out there have a very “kitchen-sink” quality to them that’s overwhelming to get through – not to mention a tip-off that it was home-made, which doesn’t really inspire my consumer confidence. The second version’s cleaned-up design is easier on the eyes by leaving some white space, yet it’s still loaded with the essential info that the prospective client will want to know. Nice work! =D>

And, to answer Nick’s question, it must be like going to a bowling party, but you’re really late, so you’re stuck with shoes that are too tight and a ball that’s too heavy. Or something… :-k


Thank You to the Many people have helped on this brochure, Jessica, Nick, Levi, and Kate! =D>

I really like the idea of the icons in the provide-receive area. Things could definitely be refined, and maybe more modern looking icons. I was wondering what other people thought about the Icon idea…? Good, Bad, how to make it better!

Hi Ryan,

I was hoping someone else would hop on here with some feedback for you too. I don’t feel like icons are necessary in that the brochure is completely legible right now. I’m actually fairly uncertain as to where icons would even be employed in the brochure. If it looks great now why risk cluttering good, clean, easy-to-read information with unnecessary graphics?

Seems like people like pictures, it can explain things with out haveing to read everything. or they know what it is with out having to read everything.

In reference to the “we provide” area… I personally like the original better. The “icons” pull the eye to the text, whereas the new version is just, well, boring and I have no interest of looking at it. A brochure is “skimmed over” and unless something catches the eye to grab my attention, it’s “game over”. Other than that, I like the new version overall, especially the cover. JMHO.

PS… Kate… I know, I know! No need to correct my statement. :wink:

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