New promotional tool coming up...

I just wanted to share some early edits of the artwork that we’re working on for a new brochure. The first image is what the brochure will look like closed. The second image is when you open the orange flap (there will also be a list of items from the NACHI SOP that points to items on the right-hand side of the image). Inside you’ll be able to put a bunch of information about your company, etc. I’ll have more images later, but I thought you guys would enjoy a sneak peek.

Here they are:



Great work, Chris.

I look at other inspectors websites all the time mainly to see if they show a sample report. Many or the bigger names in home inspection software are really lacking in my opinion. I see all the time where an inspector will write something like “GFCI missing, faulty, whatever and then put noted at several locations, refer to a licensed Electrical Contractor and repair/replace as needed”. Then it might have a picture 20 pages away if at all. What does that really tell the buyer? Does the buyer know what a GFCI is? I can’t find anything else in some of these reports that says anything more. What it tells the electrician is that he is going to have to re-inspect the whole house again to find out what the inspector is talking about. In my opinion a computer generated report should have more than 10 pictures in it and they should be in the same section as the finding statement. Some of the finding statements that I see over and over are really lacking in clarity. Look at TWI if you want to give your clients some real information and forget the checklist all together.

What does this have to do with Chris’ design?

David - you beat me to it.
Chris, is there any possibility of reserving an area on the cover so that we can have our company information added to identify it as being a brochure from “ABC Inspections” for example?

Chris, great work- as always!

Wade, there is a “software” section on the MB, as well as “report writing” - you may want to post you query / comment there.


The brochure will have a spot on the back and on the inside to put your company name and logo. We want to keep the front as clean as possible to make the image/design more inticing. There will be plenty of places to brand–don’t worry.


Smart thinking.

The brochure design looks great.

Really love it!

Looks Great Chris!

Looks great

Looks Great!!!

Thanks guys–I’m going to try to get another edit done and up by tomorrow.


I’m New to all of this, so I would like to thank you for your work. the brochure is striking and will help me build a strong business.

                                                  Thanks Again
                                                  Daniel Lewis


Nightmare might be too stong a word to use. Besides scare tactics and negative commands turn many people away.

How about “A Nachi inspector can help keep your dream alive!”?

Positively yours, TG

Hey Chris,

This is excellent! Great job. This is what NACHI is all about. I don’t see CAHPI in Canada doing anything for its members that would be remotely close to NACHI’s benefits. Cheers!!!

Daryl :smiley:

Groovy. It’s different and eye catching. Thanks Chris and crew.


If you are looking for a new tag line to put on the brochure, here is the one that I use;
"NACHI, Don’t Buy A Home Without US!"

You could use this on the brochure, just get Nick to Trademark it if you do!


Daryl Bishop

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