New build ( approximately 2.5 yrs old)

Hi Everyone, hope all is well.

Looking for further information, as to the requirements for main service clearances of second story egress windows.

As this isn’t the first time I’ve crossed this, but it is the first time I’ve seen it cross within the 36” window clearances.

Window is placed higher than the main service entrance, measuring approximately 30” below the sill and 21” out from the siding.

Any further perspective would be great.

Basically I would say if you can stick a 3’ pole out the window and touch it, it’s too close.


Thanks @ruecker that was my thoughts as well.

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That’s in a new build? Woah. I’m surprised it’s not a service lateral.

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Sure, laterals are common in new developments, especially urban or suburban markets. But it is a great big world with all types of new builds all over the place.

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Seems like that’s a perfect right triangle…

Given a=30 and b=21,

c = 36.61967

Just squeaks it.

2 years old, mass build of new constructions.

I would normally agree with the math, maybe my explanation was not ideal, the hypotenuse of the triangle was 30-31” not the vertical parallel with the exterior wall.

Thanks @mroberts21 :blush: