New Build: Roof Complete...Vents Not Done

I inspected a new build, it is ~50% complete and the contractor walked.

Anyways, a standing seam metal roof is installed (poorly, which is another story), rough plumbing is complete except all plumbing/ vents terminate inside the structure and penetrations in the new roof have yet to be made.

Is it typical in new construction to install vents after a metal roof is installed? I would think not but haven’t been able to find anything to back that up.
Shingle roof have venting installed prior to roofing as far as I understand. Thanks for any help

Yes. It is better so the hole in the roof will miss any ribs in the metal roof. You can make a swing joint in the vent piping to move it where you want it also.
Roof shingles, the VTR is always installed first typically.

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Thanks, very helpful. I had heard that before but wasn’t sure if it was accurate.

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It doesn’t really matter since the flashing goes on top of the standing seam roofing anyway:


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Marcel has a good point about missing the ribs…if possible. And, I have installed many like the picture with no complains of leakage.

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